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WordPress Weekly Digest: 8/21/17

Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress. This week we’ll help you optimize your WordPress site for mobile, protect it from security breaches, efficiently optimize your images and more!
Here’s What It Takes To Make A WordPress Website Mobile Friendly
With the majority of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it is essential that your site is equipped with the infrastructure to be used on a mobile interface. Get started on the right foot with these tips and tricks for mobile friendliness.
Top 5 WordPress Security Breaches and How to Rectify Them
An enormous amount of people utilize WordPress to power their websites making it a target for cyber crooks. Protect yourself by understanding what the attacks are, how they are done, and how to combat them.
Image optimization will make your images light, speeding up your WordPress site and improving the user experience. Learn how to..

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What’s In Store For WP Engine At SXSW 2018

WP Engine has some big plans for SXSW 2018. Although the world-renowned festival for music, film, and technology might seem like it’s centuries away, it’s never too early to start prepping for the epic panel discussions and speeches to come.
WP Engine has seen a lot of growth in the past year; our executives have a lot to share about the exhilarating world of tech. For 2018, WP Engine has submitted for a whopping eight panels and solo speeches. Anybody can vote for one or all of them using SXSW’s Panel Picker (you can vote April 7th through 25th).
This year we are particularly excited about a women-led panel featuring three of our fierce female execs speaking on women in leadership. Founder & CTO, Jason Cohen, will participate in a panel dissecting the fate of blogging. CEO Heather Brunner will discuss ongoing research about digital experiences for different generations. April Downing, WP Engine’s CFO, will provide insight CFOs need to navigate new opportunities and responsibilities…

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5 Reasons Your WordPress Site Isn’t Converting — How To Optimize Your Online Business For Success

You finally did it—spending the time, resources, and energy to learn and master the ultra-popular WordPress publishing platform. At long last, you’ve built the website of your dreams.
But where’s the traffic? What about revenue?
Unlike in Field of Dreams, building a website does not mean customers will come. While top hosting providers, such as WP Engine, can ensure your website is fast, reliable, and secure, hosting providers can’t guarantee that you will be taking the right steps to optimize your online opportunities.
Even if your WordPress masterpiece excels at attracting visitors, they might not be converting to paying customers. Identify which part—or parts—of your pipeline is hindering your online business and website’s ability to grow by reading our list of the likely culprits of conversion and their worthwhile solutions.
1. You Didn’t Do Your Keyword Homework
Your conversion rate won’t matter if you can’t bring in any traffic. Being buried deep within search results means..

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8 Ways To Improve Your Page Render Time With WordPress

Page speed is a problem many developers face when designing unique and engaging sites. The balance between dynamic content and page render time is often difficult to find. Users increasingly have high expectations for site load time when viewing a page. In this article, we’ve put together a list of some key optimizations you can make to your site to help ensure it is able to render quickly for users.
In general, site performance can be broken down into two main segments:
The amount of time it takes the server to generate the page The amount of time it takes the browser to download the page In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on the things you can do to improve the render time of your page in the visitor’s browser. Specifically, the elements which might be causing your users to see a blank white screen before your site starts to show content (or “render”).

1. Leverage Browser Caching When your web server has HTTP headers set up to specify cache expiration time, it also includes bro..

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5 Fast Facts About WP Engine’s Limerick Office

Nearly a year ago, WP Engine expanded its global presence by opening a new workspace in the heart of Limerick. The third largest city in Ireland, Limerick is known for being a city of innovation where technology and culture collide. It is no wonder then that this was the perfect choice for WPE to expand itself and aim to create 100 new jobs over the course of the next three years. It’s been a great start so far.
As WP Engine’s Technical Support & Innovation Centre approaches its first year in the making, here are some things we thought you should know…

Location Limerick is nestled in Ireland’s Mid-West Region.
WP Engine’s Technical Support & Innovation Centre is located in downtown Limerick in the center of the city’s cultural and artistic scene. Rich in history and vibrant in culture, you can find everything from castles to museums, dining scenes, and street art — all within the city’s boundaries.
Limerick lies on the banks of the River Shannon.
Team Growth (So Far)
Since ince..

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Add An Author Bio To Your Site With One Of These Plugins

Welcome to “Plugged In,” where we take a look at some of the most popular WordPress plugins in various categories. This week we explore some of the best and most useful plugins for including an author bio on posts, pages, and custom post types.
Blogging in any form is about the expression of an author’s interest on any subject matter. It’s important to establish a connection between authors and their audience. By establishing an author biography, you are establishing trust between you and your readers. Additionally, it provides a level of clarification if you happen to be posting on a multi-author site.
Author bios should be aesthetically pleasing, complement the existing theme of your website, and catch the reader’s eye. The best way to do this is by using an author bio plugin. Here’s a list of the some of the best author bio plugins for your WordPress site.
Molongui Authorship
In terms of functionality, Molongui Authorship has got all you need. Set specific demographic informati..

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How Earth Day Network Shaved 8 Seconds Off Page Load Time

Managing a site that facilitates, promotes, and manages large events requires a trustworthy and simple CMS. That way event producers can worry less about technical malfunctions and more on creating engaging content. Even more, event promotion sites must have hosting providers that can provide scalability and maintain maximum uptime.
As the largest recruiter to the environmental movement, the Earth Day Network ( needed a site that was both easy to use and reliable. Previously hosted on Drupal, Earth Day Network sought out a CMS with a more user-friendly interface. Additionally, Earth Day Network needed a peace of mind in knowing their site wouldn’t break down during their busiest time, Earth Day itself.
In this case study, learn about how the Earth Day Network utilized WordPress and WP Engine and managed to shave seconds off their page load time. Additionally, they maintained 100 percent uptime while hundreds of thousands of direct views and traffic visited their site for..

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WordPress Weekly Digest: 8/14/17

Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress. This week we talk a lot about the REST API, using SaaS in WordPress, how to easily speed up the WordPress customizer and more!
Doc Pop’s News Drop: When and how to use the WordPress trademark and logo
We frequently get asked about how and when one can legally use the WordPress logo, so in this week’s News Drop, Doc helps break it down into a few simple rules.
Using Easy Digital Downloads to create ecommerce Saas in WordPress
The WordPress REST API allows for the powering of SaaS platform applications. Learn about jump-starting your code to create a WordPress-powered SaaS.
Build fast and easy Customizer options for your WordPress theme or plugin. Sublime-WP-Customizer allows you to add snippets and have a customized theme/plugin in no time.
Is Saas the future of WordPress?
SaaS is becoming more and more popular in the WordPres..

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6 Essential WordPress SEO Tips And Tricks To Rank Above The Competition

Effective SEO is essential for taking your site up a notch and getting discovered online. Jon Henshaw, co-founder, and President of Raven Tools recently presented on this topic in a webinar, where he walked us through some advanced tips and tricks for speed and coding optimization. These tips will make for top-notch SEO and help your business rank above the competition.
1. Install Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO is probably one of the easiest to use plugins out there and it’s worth it. A good number of WordPress sites use Yoast and it’s often the very first plugin installed due to its incredible SEO benefits.
Yoast will help you control and manage your content’s titles and meta descriptions beyond what the base WordPress install does. Additionally, Yoast provides open graph information so images you share via social media will be displayed automatically.
Another benefit Yoast provides is the ability to create XML sitemaps. Websites, provided they have solid navigation, generally don’t need ..

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How To Use Application Performance Monitoring For WordPress

Did you know that WP Engine now offers Application Performance Monitoring (APM) as an add-on to certain plans? We’ve recently partnered with New Relic, leaders in digital intelligence, to provide APM as part of our intelligence suite.
Application Performance is a tool built to help you combat application and website bottlenecks so you can provide an optimized WordPress experience. This tool provides code-level visibility to help teams troubleshoot faster, optimize their WordPress experiences, and ultimately deliver a better user experience. You can use APM to discover the root cause of any site issues by drilling down into slow queries, transaction traces, errors, and more.
In this guide, learn the ins and outs of working with Application Performance Monitoring for WordPress:
Get the guide
For more on Application Performance, check out this webinar.
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