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7 Hacks to Dominate Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

Social media marketing can take up the entire day if you let it.
It doesn’t take long before you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of reading posts from your favorite brands. Before long, you’re skipping around from page to page and channel to channel.
Two hours go by, and you’ve got nothing to show for it.
Paying attention to your audience takes time, too. Replying to everyone who interacts with your content is tough.
Engaging like a real human isn’t a quick task.
And sometimes, mining through the endless content and interactions on social is the last thing any of us wants to be doing with our time.
But social media is an important tool for growing your company and personal brand.
Not only that, but it’s a great platform to promote your content.
And if you engage and interact with your followers, you can increase your traffic fast.
Instead of wasting time, there are a few tricks and tips to save yourself from the sea of social-media updates.
Here’s how to dominate you..

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7 SEO Tactics That Won’t Live to See 2018

I’ll be honest.
Most of the tactics on this list should be obvious.
Most of you should be in the clear.
However, I’m still surprised at how often I see these mistakes.
I come across a website every single day that’s guilty of one of the following bad SEO tactics.
What’s even more concerning is that many of these tactics never worked that well to begin with.
Some may have worked a little bit. However, their effect quickly died out.
And today, most of them will only do you more harm than good.
There are tons of SEO tactics that used to be popular but have fallen out of fashion when taken to the extreme.
Here are 7 perfect examples of SEO tactics to avoid in 2018.
1. Keyword stuffing There’s an old joke out there that goes something like this version from The Atlantic:
“An SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…”
It’s funny because it’s true.
When you hear “SEO,” you typically think of keywords next.
A decade a..

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8 Reasons You Must Be Patient and Persistent to Dominate Content Marketing

I hear a lot of complaints when it comes to content marketing.
Many people come to me and say, “Neil, it’s just not working for me!”
Many people expect the power of content marketing to attract organic traffic and new customers to be immediate.
It’s not.
The fact is that content marketing takes some time to develop.
It takes dedication.
You know what they say about Rome.
Well, you cannot dominate content marketing in a day, either.
Most people give up because they don’t understand this.

There are many reasons why content marketing is a long term strategy:
Building authority takes time. It takes time for Google to get to know you. Building relationships with key people takes time. It takes time to build an audience. You’re not the first. Your competitors are at it, too. You need to be constantly shifting toward improvement. Testing and learning require a critical data mass. The trick is to be patient and persistent. You need to develop realistic expectations for when your con..

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17 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have a Clean and Simple Design

Your website is the digital storefront of your business.
If its design is lacking, people might decide that they don’t want to do business with you.
According to research published by Blue Corona, 48% of people determine the credibility of a business by its website design.
And the research is clear: Simpler designs are better.
What research, you might ask?
I’ll explain in this article. These are the 17 reasons why your site needs a cleaner, simpler design.
1. Simple design is timeless One of the biggest problems with websites is that they become outdated quickly.
It seems like, as soon as you’re about to finish with one update, it’s time for another. But it doesn’t need to be that way.
Busy designs lose their allure and become dated quickly.
But history has shown that simple designs, like Britain’s Keep Calm and Carry On poster from 1939, withstand the test of time.

When you’re hoping to explore the statistics of his antique record collection, designer Simon Foster looked to..

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How to Prepare Yourself for Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm

The next big Google algorithm is coming soon.
I know what you’re thinking.
“C’mon, Neil, they’ve been saying this for months!”
Yes, the new Google algorithm is technically not an immediate concern.
But that just gives you time to prepare, right?
And you really need to prepare for it because Google’s algorithm is going to shift the way your site ranks on the SERPs.
It won’t just be a few simple tweaks. Instead, you might need an entirely new website by then.
Don’t freak out just yet, though.
There are a few things you can do to improve your odds before they flip the algorithm switch.
I’m going to walk you through Google’s new “mobile-first” algorithm update that’s coming soon.
And then I’ll show you how to be ready so you can dominate the competition when it hits.
What’s changing with Google’s new algorithm? Google updates their algorithms all the time.
Reports have shown that they routinely make roughly 500–600 tweaks a year.
If you aren’t careful, these Google algorithm u..

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6 Copywriting Tips That’ll Keep Readers Eyes Glued to Your Screen

55% of all page views only get a few seconds of attention.
What does that mean for you?
Your hook had better be good and quick. Otherwise, your blog posts are not going to get read.
Start off with bland and unengaging content, and you can kiss valuable blog traffic goodbye.
Not enough of an incentive for you?
Visitors who read more of the post are more likely to return.
Users who read a blog post for three minutes were 2x more likely to return to that site than those who only read for one minute.
That’s all you get.
People skim. They don’t read as much as they used to.
And it makes sense when you consider what you’re up against. There’s too much daily content out there to get through it all.
It takes too long to digest everything.
But if you want your readers to convert, you have to keep their attention.
Enter long-form content. It works because it converts.
But you can’t just throw up 3,000 random words and expect it to engage your website visitors. You need to make sure ..

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14 Growth Hacks That’ll Increase Your Online Sales by 40x

Whether you’ve got a fresh online startup or a long-standing e-commerce store, you have a standing goal that never goes away.
You need to increase your online sales.
And like so many things in this world, it always looks and sounds a lot easier than it really is. There’s no magic bullet you can fire or switch you can flip to suddenly generate more sales.
However, there are a number of ways you can “hack” your growth to start building more online sales. They’re not as simple as flipping a switch, but they’re not painfully difficult, either.
These hacks just involve a little time, but at the end of the day, you’ll pay far less to acquire new customers, and you’ll see that your customer retention rate skyrockets.
1. Use ad extensions to get targeted clicks Ad extensions are an awesome way to expand the scale of your ads in Google and Bing. These simple extensions let you add pertinent details for your audience to increase click-through rates and make your ads stand out above other ba..

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LinkedIn Ads Don’t Suck Anymore. Here’s Why

LinkedIn Ads used to suck.
Especially compared to other social platforms, like Twitter or Facebook.
LinkedIn used to lack many of the features that made its competitors’ ads work so well.
For example, there were no specific targeting features. So you had to advertise to a general audience.
They also didn’t use a quality score to help keep ads relevant. Instead, you were simply forced to throw up an ad to a general audience and hope for the best.
You could run the same ad for months, wasting tons of money, and you’d have no idea why results weren’t coming in as you expected.
But LinkedIn has started stepping up their game in the past few months.
They’ve come out with a few new features that will let you create custom audiences. Now you can target or retarget specific accounts.
And you can monitor progress along the way.
A 2012 HubSpot study even found that LinkedIn is the best social platform for lead generation.

LinkedIn Ads used to be a waste of time just a few years ago.

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide of Outsourcing Work Without Losing Quality

It doesn’t matter what the industry is, there’s always more work to do than time to do it.
This means that there is always something lacking, always more work to be done, and new companies are always falling behind their expectations and deadlines.
One of the most insidious parts is that it leads to massive stress. According to business coach Michael Hyatt, 45% of entrepreneurs are stressed.

So, what’s an overworked entrepreneur to do?
There are plenty of answers, and not every one works for every type of entrepreneur. But the answer more and more business owners are turning to is a simple one: outsourcing.
Outsourcing is giving your work to someone else outside of your main business.
That could be through freelancing, or by hiring another firm (like a call center) to handle segments of your business.
You could even outsource by shipping a business process like manufacturing overseas.
For most small business owners, however, this simply means having someone outside the busines..

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3 Revenue-Boosting Remarketing Campaigns You Should be Running ASAP

The concept of remarketing is pretty simple when you think about it.
The goal is to bring back the site visitors who showed intent to convert but stopped just short of the purchase.
You bring them back, nurturing them along the way until they do finally become a new customer.
In fact, 99% of e-commerce shoppers won’t convert on the first visit.

But 75% of those people still have the intent to return to your site.
That’s where remarketing comes into play.
If we don’t retarget those site visitors who showed a willingness to convert, we risk losing out on countless sales.
Especially when you’ve already done all the hard work. These people are primed and ready to go.
You just need to use the right trigger to get them to do what you want.
Basic search-network ads might convert better than display remarketing ads. But remarketing costs are significantly lower.
Plus, ad fatigue doesn’t set in as fast.
Your ads stay relevant because they’re personalized.
Each one targets a specifi..

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